Why write alan shapiro summary of books

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 6:

Why write alan shapiro summary of books

Is Ohio State another "UVa" on steroids? Sex abuse allegations at Ohio State University OSU have resulted in a delayed media onslaught against Ohio State coaches, and specifically, Congressmen Jim Jordan, who "had to know" about and "turned a blind eye" to abuses allegedly perpetrated by former team doctor Richard H.

When it comes to reporting about sexual abuse on college campuses, the media seemingly can't separate fact from fiction.

why write alan shapiro summary of books

It generally takes whatever the source gives them at face value and runs with it, ruining the reputations of many innocent people in the process. Those who were allegedly sexually abused on the campus were adults.

Not a single one of them made a formal contemporaneous report to anyone. The latter two facts make this case more akin to the allegations of "Jackie," the alleged victim in the UVa gang rape hoax that was reported by Rolling Stone.

Similarly, it had little to say when OSU provided an update in early May. It wasn't until Congressmen Jordan began being featured on the news with regard to the Mueller investigation that DiSabato came forward to them with his tape. It also didn't bother to look into the credibility of its source.

DiSabato has filed numerous lawsuits against OSU seeking compensation from OSU over licensing of football jerseys and over use of athletes images He and his companies were not overly successful in the lawsuits. His company, Combat Athlete Coalition, specializes in representing former college athletes in matters of compensation and safety issues.

Many former male varsity athletes are coming forward to allege abuse by Strauss.

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Are they doing this on their own or were they contacted by DiSabato to come forward? An email sent by DiSabato to Congressman Jordan, however, seemingly provides the answer: They were not young boys who were sexually immature, didn't understand the perpetrators actions, and were groomed into compliance by serial molester - as was the case with Jerry Sandusky.

Nor were they young female gymnasts and their parents who were fooled by Dr. Larry's Nassar's phony medical treatments or other young females that Nassar preyed upon as a result of opportunity. These were adult men who allege that Dr.

Richard Strauss was allegedly beyond necessary treatment when they saw him for exams. And not a single one of them made a formal report on Strauss to the police or anyone else at the time of the abuse. Neither did "Jackie" at UVa.

Where are the reports? The first accuser, DiSabato, told NBC that Strauss blackmailed him into compliance by threatening to with hold his medications.

DiSabato also told the media that he put up with it because he was afraid of putting his scholarship in jeopardy.

If that's true, then why didn't DiSabato report Strauss immediately upon finishing his college eligibility -- when Strauss and Ohio State had no leverage over him?Alan Shapiro's seventh collection celebrates art as a woefully inadequate yet necessary source of comfort.

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